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Dobereich Testimonials

Please take the time to get to know some of my Dobereich family and read about their experiences with their Dobereich puppy.


I did quite a bit of research about the breed and visited several select breeders when looking for my first Dobermann. When I met Monica it was clear that her dogs are her passion, and I knew that I had found the right breeder for me. The health testing that Monica does with all her dogs is of paramount importance to the breed; a major factor in best possible chance for longevity and quality of life. The structure that I strived for was the European Dobermann, true to type and to the standard of the breed*.

Her dogs were all so friendly and happy, the initial surprise of a 95lb male barreling down the stairs at me was immediately dissolved in a pile of slobbery kisses (thank you Rhody)! What really struck me was the matriarch of the family, Indiana Rose von Micks, at 12 years old also barreling down the stairs with the same passion for greeting visitors as the younger dogs. Not only did I meet all her dogs two by two, but she explained the different personalities of each dog, and what traits each would bring into a breeding in terms of structure, personality, temperament and drive. Later on I realized, through knowing countless Dobereich owners personally, that Monica has an uncanny ability to match the right dog with the right family, whether it is an 8 week old pup or an adult rescue.    

My baby girl, Reyna (CA Mi Reyna Alexandra v Dobereich TT) could not be a more perfect girl for me. She is a beautiful girl, inside and out, and I cannot imagine life without her. She has the best temperament, is an angel and even was as a puppy (um somehow I lucked out with that one!) and is the sweetest girl ever. Her tagline/mantra is “Everybody Loves Reyna” and do they ever! She has excellent drive and focus when called upon and is content to snuggle on the couch or play with her toys for hours. She wears her heart on her sleeve and her eyes and kisses will melt your heart.

Very soon after Reyna came home I knew I wanted a brother for her, and chatted with Monica about her breeding plans as I was looking for roughly the male version of Reyna in terms of sweetness and temperament towards other dogs. When Monica told me of her plans to breed Cajun and Apollo I jumped on the chance for a boy from that pairing. I absolutely ADORE Apollo; he is a gorgeous large male with the temperament of a big snuggly teddy bear and is great with other dogs big and small. Then add Cajun to that mix, who is as sweet as sugar pie and similar in drive and structure to Reyna. I also love the lines that Cajun brings in from Europe as one of Monica’s imports. My big goofy boy, Indiana, came home in June 2013. To say that I love him to pieces is an understatement. He is exactly what I wanted and then some. He is just as sweet as Reyna, but man oh man is he something else! They are completely opposite; Reyna is quiet, calm and relatively unassuming. Indi is chatty, bouncy and an absolute ham. He is a total attention hog and easily steals the show from Reyna when we’re out for walks, everyone asking to say hi to “the big red male”, which suits Reyna just fine as she sneaks in for a head rub from the side. He makes me laugh many times a day with his silly antics and is a complete joy. Indi is the softest and most easy going boy, loving all people and dogs alike.  Indi’s attention-loving personality and good looks shone through in the show ring; earning his first major at 10 months old and finishing his CKC Championship in only 4 weekends, never leaving without points. Indi earned back to back UKC and CKC Championships at 12 months old, topping off the weekend with a CKC Canine Good Neighbour title, making him known as, Multi CH Dobereich’s Upping The Ante CGN.   

The relationship that Indi and Reyna have is completely adorable. Indi is totally in love with big sister Reyna, and she happily plays mama-bear and keeps an eye on him at all times. They snuggle together every day, and spend hours running and playing together in the parks, trails and beaches of the city.

My doberkids are the loves of my life and I thank Monica from the bottom of my heart for the passion, experience and dedication she brings as a breeder in giving all of us who are “owned by” Dobereich pups, a lifetime of memories.

*Note: This seems to be harder to find these days where dogs in the show rings are straying far from the standard with an exaggeration in long and low stature, not unlike the slippery slope changes that the German Shepherd Dog went through to become a show dog that can barely walk.   


Joanne L. Toronto ON
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Gary, Chris, and Zeus the 3rd

My wife and I have been Doberman owners for 30+ years and owned 5 different Dobermans during that time. All of our dogs have been loved family members and shared traits that most other Doberman owners would recognize, but each of our dogs also had their own unique personality. When we knew it was time to let our old boy go, we started an extensive search for a reputable breeder.  We wanted a great temperament 1st and foremost this time around, and for a dog that would be great with our grandchildren. I wanted a pup from a Championship pedigree and a breeder with all the best health testing expected of quality Doberman breeders.


We not only found the right breeder, but a puppy that stole our hearts. It was very clear after meeting Monica that her dogs are her love and passion. She also really took the time to understand our wants and needs for our puppy, and to best match a pup to our lifestyle. Monica provides an excellent puppy manual that is a wealth of information to a new puppy owner. She has been great at answering questions and providing guidance since Zeus joined our family almost 2 years ago. Through the process Monica has become much more than just a breeder, she has become a good friend.


Zeus III is a loyal constant companion, travelling multiple times a week with me all around Ontario. He LOVES to travel in the truck! He’s very sociable, loves people, places, and social events big or small.  Zeus has friends everywhere, including the neighbourhood children that run up to greet him on a regular basis on his daily walks!  He’s also great with our grandchildren. Zeus recently earned his CKC CGN (Canine Good Neighbour temperament test) as proof of his well rounded personality, good temperament and socialization skills. I can honestly say that Zeus III is the best Doberman we have ever had.


“Boy Monica you really screwed me up giving us such a loving dog in Zeus, he’s so deeply into our hearts and soul!. We’ve had 4 Dobermans before and I loved them all, but nothing like Zeus III.  He’s just so connected and special to me. What a unique personality and temperament, none of our other dogs could fill his shoes.”


I highly recommend Monica and Dobereich Dobermans to anyone looking for a quality Doberman.  


Gary Potyok & Zeus III

Grimsby, Ontario, Canada

Not sure that it’s possible to love a creature more than we do, but we certainly are crazy about our 2 year old Zeus.


We searched long and hard for several months for another Dobie when we were faced with losing our senior citizen Zeus II.  We not only found the right breeder of a beautiful red Dobie, but a puppy that stole our hearts. 

Zeus III’s temperament is ideal and he is with us constantly.  Leaving Zeus for any length of time stresses us more than him.  We love taking him everywhere since he’s so sociable, and a great traveler. Our grandchildren are crazy about him. 


Would we get another Dobie from Dobereich Kennels?  Abso-freakin-lutely!!!

We’ve had a long and positive relationship with Monica and our questions have always been answered.  We’re proud to say we’re raising a wonderful natured, healthy and loving friend.


We don’t hesitate for an instant to recommend Dobereich Kennels to anyone looking for a quality Doberman!


Chris Potyok



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We went to Dobereich looking for an all-round Dobe — a dog who could handle schutzhund training while adapting to everyday life in the big city — and Monica guided us to Jack Sharp, who is energetic, smart, responsive, and loaded with drive.

This drive really surprised the schutzhund folk, who initially dismissed Jack as just another show puppy. His drive also surprised us — and has made for an “interesting” puppyhood and adolescence, through which Monica has supported us enormously. Now, at 19 months old, Jack is on his way to becoming an excellent schutzhund competitor, as well as a responsible canine citizen of the wider world. And it sure doesn’t hurt that he’s also pretty.

Thanks, Monica.

Dyanne, Bill, and Jack Sharp
Toronto, Ontario


Dobereich testimonial
Graf Galan vom Dobereich "Jack"



Lexi joined our family two years ago, and we simply cannot imagine life without her loving and playful presence.  She is very affectionate and bonded immediately with all six members of our household.  In addition, she has countless two and four legged friends and is always excited to make new friends when out and about.  Lexi loves to chase squirrels and follow scent trails during our daily hikes through the forest or along the lake, however, she remains constantly mindful of my presence and never strays far from my side.  She delights in playing in the lake and learned to swim this summer in order to stay close to her people.  While very playful and energetic, Lexi is calm around babies and toddlers, even allowing them to feed her supper one kibble at a time from their chubby fists.  She is also very patient with young puppies.  Shortly before her first birthday, Lexi did try to pull rank with a couple our children, but with Monica's insightful guidance, she quickly learned the pecking order.  She is happy to share the couch with all of us now!  Lexi has taught our children valuable lessons about responsibility, but most importantly, she has brought us closer together as a family and brings us much joy each and every day.


Anna and Peter

Toronto, Ontario




A special word of thanks to my Dobereich family who have taken their time to tell us about their experience with their Dobereich puppy.  Over the years I have received many testimonials, however I am sad to report that through computer malfunction many of these have been lost.  If you have sent me a testimonial over the past years in waiting for the new website, please resend it to , or fill out the email form on the contact page so that I can share your story with others. 

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