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Multi CH Dobereich's Bewitched, TT

- D.O.B - Sept 21, 2014
- vWd clear by parentage
- Cardio normal (OVC) 2016
- Liver normal (3/2017)
- Kidney normal (3/2017)
- CBC/Wellness panel normal (3/2017)
- Hips OFA good
- Thyroid OFA normal 3/2017
- Multi BPB
-  TT (Temperament Test Assn)

Owner: Monica Peterson

Salem is charming and spirited, full of life and vigor.  There isn't too much that gets past this firecracker, she is alert and always ready for some cuddles!  We've had a late start to the show ring, but Salem's made of for lost time, and in just a few shows she's almost completed her Championship.
Salem at 2 years
Salem at 2 1/2 years of age
Salem Doberman female


Fabert’s Gotta Have A Reason, TT

CH Fabert’s More Man then Most

Fabert’s Don Juan v Rich Lie

CH Fabert’s Sky’s The Limit

Am CH Heartwood’s Hot Zamba RA, LC10D

Am CH Foxfire’s All Star, LC10

CH Heartwood’s Just Sooo Hot LC13

Multi CH Lady Godiva vom Dobereich, TT, LC11, BFL-1

Multi CH Helios van’t Genebos, TT, LC11

INT CH Grant di Villa Conte

INT CH Eres van't Genebos

CH Call Me An Angel Of Dobereich, LC12, BFL1

Multi CH Dobereich's One of a Kind, TT, LC-12

CH Dobereich's Flirting with fire, TT, LC12