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Dobereich Pug Puppies



Past Litters

We have enjoyed bringing little bundles of joy into your lives and look forward to remaining in contact with our existing pug families.  However we have retired our breeding pugs and will not raise any future litters.  
Please refer to the Pug Club of Canada's Breeder directory to find a quality Pug Breeder near you.


Our puppies are born from International bloodlines with each litter being carefully planned to produce beautiful and healthy Pugs that possess a friendly and outgoing temperament.


We are dedicated to all aspects of the pug breed and strive for the very best health and longevity within our bloodlines.   Health screening for breed specific conditions and breed conformation is kept in focus within our small breeding program.  


Our dogs are to demonstrate a love for people and should never be aggressive.   For the love of this breed, any Pug that does not meet all breeding criteria will be spayed or neutered and placed in a loving home to live out their days as a family pet.


Our puppies are whelped in our lving room and are raised within a family environment in order to expose them to constant socialization. During their time here the pups are exposed to as many different healthy situations as possible in order to ready them for their new lives. 


The dam has an important roll in rearing the litter. So even though she will likely stop nursing the pups around 6 weeks of age, she will be allowed to visit with the litter right up until the puppies are ready to go home between 9-10 weeks of age. 


Every litter is raised on a highly

nutritious, naturally preserved,

holistic human-grade diet.