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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Dobermann is a magnificent, powerful, loyal, and noble Breed. It is my intention to do my very best to preserve every ounce of their essence without compromising breed quality. Each litter is carefully bred with the aim of reaching optimum health and longevity, sound temperament, uncompromised beauty, and outstanding character.

The focus in my breeding program for both Dobermanns and Pugs is to breed each litter with the expectation that the pups will exceed the quality of their parents. Improving, where possible, any and every quality of our breeding stock with each litter.

It is my mission to pursue and maintain the official breed standard as it is defined and not allow myself to be swayed by changing styles due to popularity trends.

I will act in the best interest of my dogs and keep their health and happiness at heart.

I will protect my dogs and do my best to ensure that they never end-up in abusive or neglectful homes.

I will never support the breeding practices of any Breeder that fails the breed in this areas.

I will not breed inferior dogs.

I do not advocate the breeding albino Dobermanns.

I will not allow my personal agenda to interfere with my breeding program.

Personal Statement

I have designed this website to help educate you, the Dobermann & Pug enthusiast.
My experience in dog rescue, training, and as a breeder, has shown me that dog breeding should not be about being right, producing the most show dogs, selling the most dogs, or whatever may satisfy one's personal ego. Rather, I believe it should be about:
- Listening and offering on-going customer support and advise.
- Only healthy dogs should be bred to supply the Breed, not the need!
- But most importantly to me, it is about placing the right dog in the right home!